Partnership working documents

(historical management plans, annual reports and state of the AONB reports can be found at the bottom of this page)

Management Plan CoverMalvern Hills AONB Management Plan 2019-24
State of the AONB Report 2018
Front cover of the Annual Review showing spreading meadow seed.Annual Review 2022-23


Visitor map and guideMalvern Hills AONB Visitor Map and Guide 2022
– A guide to features and activities within the AONB
A Guide to the C17 banks and ditches of the North Malvern Hills
Miles Without Stiles Leaflet – Cradley and Mathon
Miles Without Stiles Leaflet – Colwall

Discovery Walk 1 – The Martin Brent Walk information page.
The Martin Brent Walk map page
Discovery Walk 2 – Two Churches and a Vineyard information page
Two Churches and a Vineyard map page

Discovery Walk 3 – Commons, Churches and a Castle Information page
Commons, Churches and a Castle Map page

Discovery Walk 4 – Science & Trains in Malvern Wells & (Great) Malvern info page
Science & Trains in Malvern Wells & (Great) Malvern map page
Discovery Walk 5 – Hill & Valley info page
Hill and Valley map page
Discovery Walk 6 – Hills and Hops at Mathon Info page
Hills and Hops at Mathon Map page
Discovery Walk 7 – Back to Nature in Malvern Wells info page
Back to Nature in Malvern Wells map page

A Literary Trail around the Malverns

Springs and Spouts of the Northern Hills
Springs and Spouts of the Middle Hills


By Bike in the foothills of the Malverns –

onroad cycle routes
The Malverns Offroad Cycling Maps Map 1 – East

The Malverns Offroad Cycling Maps Map 2 – West

Guidance Documents

Malvern Hills AONB Estate Agent Welcome Pack
Guidance on the Selection and Use of Colour in Development
Guidance on Building Design
Guidance on Managing Unimproved Grassland
Guidance on Garden and Fruit Tree Management
Guidance on Keeping Horses in the Landscape
Highway Design Guide CoverGuidance on Highway Design
Guidance on Identifying and Grading Views and Viewpoints

Landscape Strategy and Guidelines
Solar Energy Guidance. This is currently being updated.
Wind Energy Guidance
Heat Pumps Guidance
Historic England’s guide to local stone and sourcing it.

Reports and Research

Natural Capital and Ecosystem Service Mapping of the MHAONB
Bromesberrow Estate Natural Capital Study

Malvern Hills Natural Capital Planning Toolkit Assessment Report
Malvern Hills Health Economic Assessment 2019

Malvern Hills and Commons Visitor Survey Report 2018
Making more use from the fruit of traditional orchards

Ash Dieback Survey 2018 

MHAONB Verges Management Pilot Information
Natural Capital Scoping Study 2017
10 yrs of Landscape Change in the Malvern Hills AONB
Malvern Hills Management Plan Mid Term Final Report
Malvern Hills Management Plan Mid Term Final Report Annex
Scoping the Potential Impact of Chalara Report
A Survey of Light Pollution in the Night Skies in the Malvern Hills AONB
Malvern Woodland Creation Potential – Full Study Report
Farmstead Character Analysis within the AONB

Identification of Key Views To and From the Malvern Hills AONB Main Document

Main document
Key Views Plans (see main document for details)
Key Views Appendices 1,2,4,5,6,7 and 8
Key Views Appendix 3 Photo sheets (see App. 1 and 2 for details)
Worcester Malvern Cycleway Feasibility Study.
Road Verge Survey within the Malvern Hills AONB
Hedgerow Trees Survey within the Malvern Hills AONB
Three Counties Showground, Malvern – Preliminary Landscape Assessment and Recommendations
Tourism Think Piece – The Malvern Hills AONB and Tourism

General Information

Unearthing Mathon’s History Leaflet

60 Trees for 60 Years Project Leaflet 
MHAONB JAC response to Glover review Final

Malvern Hills AONB – An Introduction

Churches and Chur
chyards around the Malvern Hills AONB

Butterflies and Day Fl
ying Moths of the Malvern Hills

The Malvern Hills: An Ancient Landscape
(English Heritage)

Malvern Hills AONB Achievements Booklet
Malvern Hills AONB Corporate Guidelines

Historical Working Documents

Malvern Hills AONB Management Plan 2014-2019

Malvern Hills AONB Management Plan (2009-2014)

The Malvern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Management Plan 2004 – 2009
View p1 p2 p3 p4 p5 p6
The Malvern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Management Plan 1996

Cover of Annual Review 21/22Annual Review 21-22
Annual Review 20-21
Annual Review 2019-20

Malvern Hills AONB Annual Review 2018/19
Annual Review 2017/18

Annual Review 2016/17

Annual Review 2015/16

Annual Review 2014/15
Annual Review 2013/14

Annual Review 2012/13
Annual Review 2011/2012

Annual Review 2010/2011
Annual Report 2009/2010

Annual Report 2008/2009

Annual Report 2007/2008
Annual Report 2006/2007
Annual Report 2005/2006
State of the AONB 2014
State of the AONB 2009

State of the AONB 2006