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Planning and planting an orchard

Orchards can be wonderful places for people, wildlife and growing fresh local fruit.

In some regions of the country orchards were once or still are an integral part of the landscape, Sadly in many counties they have declined or disappeared on a vast scale due to changes in agricultural practice and cheap imports. Our practical resources for orchard planning will help you to plant trees that address this decline.

Download our handy pdf guide: 1 Planning & Planting an Orchard

“I’ve learnt not just about orchards but also how to care for them, how they grow and how to maintain them. I’ve used this knowledge in the project, at home and in my job.”

TCTOP volunteer

Managing traditional orchards

Traditional old orchards are often rich in wildlife due to them no longer being in production.

Everything from birds and beetles to wildflowers and lichens can be abundant. It’s important therefore, when taking on an old orchard not to rush into anything. Take time to look, to observe and record what is already there, the number and types of the trees, the wildlife that either lives in or visits the orchard.

Download our hints and tips here: Managing Traditional Orchards

Pruning fruit trees

We regularly prune fruit trees to:
  • get better quality fruit
  • let light and air into the tree
  • train the tree to fit a certain space
  • restrict the size of a tree
  • control / minimize disease outbreaks

But when is the best time, and what techniques work best?  Download our practical resources for orchard care: Pruning Fruit Trees

Tips for fruit trees in small places

To many people an orchard is a field with big fruit trees and perhaps animals grazing beneath, but you can grow fruit almost anywhere.

Our practical resources for orchard planning include guidance on growing fruit in your own back yard! Young fruit trees are highly flexible and adaptable and can be bent, trained and tied into all manner of shapes which will then set and the new shoots will grow to that form.

Download: Tips for Fruit Trees in Small Spaces

“As a National Trust volunteer I help maintain orchards at several properties. I plan to continue with this and I am encouraging others there to do orchard training too!”

TCTOP volunteer