TCTOP – Partners

Building partnerships

One of the great things about this project is that it brought together a wide range of groups who share a passion for traditional orchards.

Many of them were involved in shaping the work we did and have helped with advice and information about everything to do with old orchards.

The Big Partners

Some key partners were involved in delivering and funding the project:

Our County Skills Hubs

Work on the ground was delivered by our three County skills hubs:

These are all orchard groups with many years of traditional orchard experience,who provided our training and mentoring through their members.

We’ve also worked with Garden Organic (formerly Henry Doubleday) to deliver our popular Orchard Champions Course – an opportunity for those who wanted to improve their orchard skills and meet other orchard enthusiasts.

40 Orchard Champions have graduated from the course to become amazing ambassadors for traditional orchards.

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