Managing the Malvern Hills National Landscape

Documents which help us to manage the AONB/MHNL

Front page of the AONB management plan

Management Plan

The AONB Management Plan sets out the vision for the designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and the priorities for its management over a 5 year period. It is a statutory document, produced and reviewed under Section 89 of the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000. The Plan provides guidance and direction to everyone with an interest in the AONB.

The current Management Plan covers the period 2019-2024. It will be reviewed in 2024/25

Front page of the AONB management plan

State of the AONB Report

The State of the AONB report provides a snapshot of the condition of the AONB at one point in time.  It includes data on subjects including landscape, biodiversity and the built environment. It records where change has occurred since the previous State of the AONB report document and reports on any developing trends.

Our last State of the AONB Report was published in 2018 and will next be updated in 2023/24.

Photo of a Damsel Fly on Barbed wire

Nature Recovery Plan

The AONB Nature Recovery Plan aims to halt and reverse the decline in nature in the area, providing an inspiring plan for what is possible and practical solutions for achieving it.  It recognises and takes account of the other special qualities of the AONB including its historic environment.

The Nature Recovery Plan was produced under the Colchester Declaration – a nationwide commitment from the family of AONBS to act to reverse wildlife decline and habitat reduction as part of a wider strategy to tackle climate change

Cover of Annual Review showing sowing wildflower seed

Annual Review

Each financial year we publish an annual review which summarises some of the achievements of the AONB Partnership.  This report focuses on ‘outputs’ rather than the ‘outcomes’ which are covered by the State of the AONB report.

Many of the data reported on in our annual review get added to those collected by other AONBs each year and are used to produce an annual report  showcasing the achievements of the whole AONB family in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.