Themed Guides

For those who are interested in the cultural and built heritage of the Malvern Hills, we have developed a range of guides to help you explore this nationally important landscape. 

Visitor Map and Guide

This OS map based guide, has 77 places to visit in the Malvern Hills National Landscape, from pubs and cafes to heritage sites and nature reserves, and is available as a paper map or to download. If you have an attraction in the Malvern Hills National Landscape that you think should be in this guide, please do contact us.

Download the Map and Guide

Churches and Churchyards

Churches are amongst the most distinctive and historically important buildings found in the area, whilst churchyards can be ‘Living Sanctuaries’ for local wildlife. This leaflet was produced by Caring for God’s Acre, a small independent charity, with the support of the Malvern Hills National Landscape Partnership.

Download Exploring Churches and Churchyards

A Literary Trail

Avid readers and poetry lovers can take a guided tour of the area through the Literary Trail of the Malverns. Learn how the landscape inspired famous references, such as the distinctive lampposts in CS Lewis’ Narnia Tales through to Elizabeth Barrett Browning poetry and William Wordsworth’s work.  

Download A Literary Trail around the Malverns

Springs and Spouts

Malvern Hills water is famous for containing ‘just nothing at all’, because of the purity of the water. In the Victorian era the idea of the ‘water cure’ was born and fashionable visitors followed.These guides take you to the key springs, spouts and wells of the Malvern Hills and provide information about their history.

Download Springs and Spouts of the Northern Hills
Download Springs and Spouts of the Middle Hills

Wildlife and Landscape

This trail guide takes the visitor on a journey of discovery through three Nature Reserves in the northern part of this National Landscape: the Knapp and Papermill, Ravenshill and Crews Hill Woodland Reserve. Some trails are suitable for wheel chair users and pushchairs.

Download the Worcestershire Wildlife Trust ‘Wildlife and Landscape Trail

Geology Trail Guides

The Hereford and Worcestershire Earth Heritage Trust has published a number of beautifully illustrated walks leaflets that take those with curiosity, but not expertise, on a journey of explanation of the structure of our local landscape. The leaflets are available in local outlets and online.