Land and Water Management

Photo of combine harvester and round bales before the Malvern Hills

Land and water in the Malvern Hills National Landscape is managed by a wide variety of people for a variety of different purposes, including growing food and timber, generating energy and supporting the recovery of nature. An increasing number of owners and managers are interested in management which delivers multiple benefits to people and nature. Land and water management is central to the conservation and enhancement of the natural beauty of the area.

Land Management Guidance

The short guidance documents below have been produced by the Malvern Hills National Landscape Partnership to assist landowners and managers to care for their land. There is much more guidance available, produced by many different organisations and agencies.

Managing Unimproved Grassland

This guidance is for those who manage fields of grass and wildflowers which have not been heavily fertilised or reseeded.  Download the guidance on managing unimproved grassland

Pruning an apple tree with ladders

Managing Traditional Orchards (larger orchards)

This guidance is split into 3 parts:

Planning and planting an orchard

Managing an orchard

Pruning fruit trees

Victoria Plum with Rain drops on it

Managing garden orchards and fruit trees

This guidance is for those who care for single fruit trees or for a small number of fruit trees in a garden. Download the guidance on garden orchard and fruit tree management.

Keeping Horses in the Landscape

The purpose of this document is to support owners to keep horses in a way that benefits both their animals and the landscape and wider environment.

Download the guidance on Keeping Horses in the Landscape
Download the consultation summary for this work