TCTOP – Long Tyning Orchard

Long Tyning is one of the group of Longney orchards recently purchased by the Gloucestershire Orchard Trust. A long, narrow orchard by the banks of the River Severn, it is remarkably rich in wildlife and very old – possibly having been used for fruit growing as far back as the Romans.

This area will be the focus for some of our history and heritage work, including a ‘dig’ and pollen analysis to see whether that hypothesis is true. The high banks which surround the fields are certainly thought to date back to a time when the river was the main way of transporting food and the land next to it was used for growing.

Although much loved by its previous owner the orchard had not had much recent maintenance so TCTOP has been working hard to help with getting it back on its feet. Volunteers have pruned and cleared and taken part in wildlife surveys. EDF energy staff have also been working in it as part of their community work.

A management plan has now been drawn up to plan the work needed for the next few years and to safeguard its fantastic wildlife. Volunteers have also planted new trees of old local varieties, to make sure that the orchard survives and thrives well into the future.