Landowners of this National Landscape

Malvern Hills Trust

The Malvern Hills and Commons are owned and managed by the Malvern Hills Trust – a public body established by Act of Parliament in 1884. The Trust is required to manage this land for the conservation of wildlife and the enjoyment of the public. You need to contact the Malvern Hills Trust regarding INCIDENTS, planning EVENTS and in EMERGENCIES. The Malvern Hills Trust is represented on the AONB’s governing body (the Joint Advisory Committee).

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Private Estates

Most of the land in this National Landscape is privately owned. The southern part of the Landscape is made up of several large estates, dominated by Eastnor Castle Estate Bromesberrow Estate and Little Malvern Estate. In the north of the Landscape, land ownership tends to be more fragmented. Private owners carry out invaluable work conserving and enhancing the National Landscape. Landowners are represented on the National Landscape’s governing body (the Joint Advisory Committee) by the National Farmers Union and the Country Landowners and Business Association.

Voluntary Trusts

Some land in the National Landscape is owned by voluntary bodies on behalf of their members and the wider community. This includes land at Midsummer Hill which is owned by the National Trust, and the Crews Hills and Knapp and Papermill Nature reserves which are owned by the Worcestershire Wildlife Trust. The specific aims of voluntary trusts will vary but their land is often managed for its special landscape, wildlife and/or historical interest.

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The Public Sector

The Malvern Hills Trust the largest public owner of land in this National Landscape. However, important areas of land are also managed on behalf of the public by a number of other organisations. For example, The Forestry Commission own and manage Frith Wood – a 75 hectare woodland on the edge of Ledbury. St Wulstan’s Local Nature Reserve in Malvern Wells is owned and managed by Worcestershire County Council.

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