Access for All Project

Lady in wheel chair

Defra has kindly provided a grant of £46,000 to the Malvern Hills AONB to improve Access for All in 2022/23. Further grants will be available in 24/25. Please contact David Armitage if you have ideas for Projects. Projects that have been completed, or are nearing completion are:

Visually impaired walker being guided by guide-person and guide-dog

Sense Adventures

Sense Adventures: provision of clothing to allow the visually impaired to take guided walks around the AONB.

Disabled Access Compost Loo in Colwall Village Garden

Disabled Access Compost Loo

At Colwall Village Garden: provision of a composting disabled access loo, and large mobility kissing gates.

Lady leaning on disabled access gate

Knapp & Papermill

At Knapp and Papermill Nature Reserve : path and gate improvements to improve access for all.

At the Malvern Hills Geocentre : improved facilities for hiring a Tramper disabled buggy to go up the Malverns, and wheelchair friendly picnic tables.

Mobility scooter in Eastnor Park

At Eastnor Park: provision of a new Tramper disabled-buggy for tours round the park, large mobility kissing gates and wheelchair friendly picnic tables.

Couple leaning on new access gate on MHT land

On Malvern Hills Trust land: provision of a variety of gates to allow easy access to newly acquired land.